Join the Affirmed Movement

Do you ever wish you had the mirror from the Snow White movie? 

Especially on those days when:

  • you need an extra dose of support
  • you need some encouragement
  • you could really use some validation

All you’d have to say is “mirror, mirror on the wall … ” and it would magically respond with exactly what you needed to hear in the moment. 

No matter your vocation, or season of life – we all need emotional support and encouragement. 

We all need affirmation. 

Join the Affirmed Movement to receive daily affirmations for an entire week!

Use these daily affirmations to:

  • build yourself up
  • encourage yourself throughout the day
  • treat yourself with kindness
  • start your day with positivity
  • serve others from your overflow

Celebrate and walk in truth about yourself every day.

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